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Matt Grimes


Growing up in Maryland, Matt, at a young age realized his love for the outdoors and adventure. While attending college in western Maryland he had an opportunity to learn the craft of bartending at a local tavern that incorporated great beer and live music. Upon graduating with a degree in adventure sports and management he quickly decided that Colorado was where he should be. Chasing big rapids and steep mountains he ended up in Crested Butte, Colorado. It was here he that continued pursuing his passions, the outdoors and craft spirits. While living in small town Crested Butte he started realizing the importance of local goods. Whether it be local beer, crops, or cattle he knew this was the sustainable way.

Today he focuses on providing guests with the highest quality craft spirits, beer and wine at Jefes. When he isn’t at Jefes you can probably find him kayaking, snowboarding, or camping with his fiancé, Heather.

Jefes Tacos & Tequila

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