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Gabe Tierney

Gabe Tierney

Before joining the Jefes team, Gabe spent his collegiate years playing basketball in Minnesota, so he’s no stranger to high paced environments. After moving back to Colorado, he spent years working in restaurants learning fine dining etiquette and exceptional service. Most recently he was a part of a Boulder based dairy free ice cream start up company absorbing the business side of food service.

Gabe joined the Gafner Hospitality Group early in the summer of 2023 as a server, getting to know our faithful patrons. He’s now a part of our management team bringing his experience from past ventures while learning as much as he can from our knowledgeable leadership crew.

He likes to spend his free time with his girlfriend Claire and cat Goose. Being a native of Longmont, you can find him at any of the various breweries and golf courses in the area on his days off.

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