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After having such a great experience opening our first original concept in Longmont, The Roost, a craft casual American restaurant, bar and venue, we were so excited to find another great downtown location for our second restaurant. We created Jefes Tacos & Tequila at 246 Main Street, Longmont, Colorado in April of 2016.

Chef/Owner Sean Gafner was raised on a farm in California where his comfort food came from great taco trucks and small Mexican restaurants. Jefes was born out of this deep love for authentic Mexican food as well as a passion for fresh, local, sustainable ingredients prepared in a unique way. Our Menu boasts of great seafood like wild Hawaiian yellowfin tuna, Dungeness crab, wild Pacific snapper & bay shrimp as well as beef and pork raised on a local, organic ranch right here in Longmont by Clint & Mary Kay Buckner.

Jefes’ bar program also combines the authentic with the modern by seeking out over 100 amazing tequila and mezcals and serving them with care and expertise. Customers can sample neat pours by ordering a flight or try them in one of our original signature cocktails. Jefes has 16 draft beer lines pouring incredible local beers as well as imported Mexican favorites.

Another ingredient unique to Jefes is that we’re always bangin’ a great mix of old school hip hop, so you may acquire a new skill of eating tacos while bobbing your head!

Sean & Rebecca Gafner

Since their very first visit, the Gafner’s quickly fell in love with the city of Longmont and couldn’t be more excited to put some roots down in the beautiful state of Colorado!

Giving Back

The same as with our other restaurants, The Roost and Smokin Bowls, Jefes is committed to giving a minimum of 10% of all profits directly to local non profits. All three restaurants also give 10% of all profits back to our staff through cash bonuses.

Our Core Values

“these values are not optional, they are expected” – Sean Gafner

1. “YES” is the answer – now what was the question? The guest isn’t always right, but we can still treat them like they are. We take pride in saying “yes” to our guest, even when we aren’t able to fulfill their exact request there is always a way to say “no” with a “yes” attitude. We are a “yes” restaurant!

example: “yes, lobster mac & cheese does sound delicious, let me go as our chef what  we can do…so, we don’t have lobster but could make a delicious shrimp mac & cheese”

2. Professionalism – Interact with our guest as though their opinion of the restaurant and our reputation is entirely based on you because it often is. Don’t speak with them like they are your friends, rather find a way to connect with them authentically while avoiding unprofessional slang.

example: if you feel the need to get down to eye level with a guest, squat next to the  table, don’t ever take a seat next to them

3. Choose Honor – Choose to honor everyone at all times; this includes guests, co-workers and management. It takes all of us at all times to create the culture of honor that we all enjoy being a part of.

example: if a cook misses a modifier on a dish, instead of getting down on them, own it yourself and say, “I’m sorry, I should have followed up with this modification, but can you please remake one without….”

4. Teamwork – Becoming a team is just the first step towards the actual goal which is becoming family! This means that everybody’s station is your station when you’re in it, and personal feelings shall never interfere with performing this way. If we all fight for each other we all win together, and life is more enjoyable for everybody.

example: when you’re walking through the dining room, you’re always looking for a drink you can refill or a dirty dish you can remove from a table, especially when it’s “not your table”

5. Self-Motivation – Take pride in yourself, the job you do, and your restaurant. You are expected to continually grow in product knowledge and customer service, outside of the training you receive. Live as a learner!

example: do a bit of your own research and learn something about the Buckner Family, who raises all of our meat, and after you’ve learned it share it with fellow staff members

6. Sustainability – As a company we’re committed to making sustainable choices that reduce energy use, water waste and landfill waste. We purchase product as locally possible in order to reduce the emissions caused by packing and shipping (trucks, trains & planes). We are committed to reducing single use plastics in every way we can find.

example: we’ve replaced all disposables with compostable options (trash bags, straws, to go containers, plastic ramekins, etc.).

7. Generosity – We are committed to giving at least 10% of all profits directly towards funding adoption, youth mentorship (through the Young Life organization) and feeding hungry kids (through Colorado Friendship). We also donate another 10% of total profits by way of product, service and gift certificates to local charity events. Lastly, we give 10% of profits directly back to our staff as cas bonuses.

We believe that these values are just good practice for any business and we hope to be leaders in the community in this area.


2019 Best Margarita – Best of Boulder County
2019 Best Mexican in Longmont – Best of Boulder County
2019 Best Margarita – Times Call
2018 Best Margarita in Longmont-Times Call Readers Choice Awards
2018 Best Margarita & Best Mexican Restaurant-Best of Boulder County
2017 Best Margarita in Longmont-Best of Boulder County
2016 Best New Business in Longmont-Longmont Chamber of Commerce


Jefes Tacos & Tequila

246 Main street Longmont, CO. 80501
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (303) 827-3790

Jefes Hours

Monday11 am - 9 pm
Tuesday11 am - 9 pm
Wednesday11 am - 9 pm
Thursday11 am - 9 pm
Friday11 am - 10 pm
Saturday11 am - 10 pm
Sunday11 am - 9 pm

HAPPY HOUR Everyday 3p - 5p


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