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Local & Sustainable

Why Local?

The reason we make “Farm to Tortilla” decisions as a restaurant is not because it is the trendy thing to do. Sean was born & raised on a farm and cattle ranch and deeply understand the significance of local farms & ranches in a community. The closer product is harvested to where it is consumed means:

  • Produce can be harvested at its peak ripeness because it doesn’t have to travel far
  • Purchasing from local families keeps our micro economy healthy
  • Knowing the people that grow what we serve gives us proper respect for the product
  • We can all go to the farms and ranches and actually see the quality of the operations

Our Commitment

ALL of our beef, pork & chicken are from companies that hold this commitment 100%

  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • No Growth Hormones Ever
  • Never Fed Anything that has touched any chemical (pesticides or growth hormones)
  • Only Fed All Vegetarian Diet (no animal by-products like larger companies use)
  • Sustainably Raised, Cage Free & PETA Certified Cruelty Free

Our Beef

We are now getting 100% of our beef from Clint Buckner’s beautiful ranch on 75th & Nelson; they are true free range 100% of their life and 100% grass-fed 100% of their life. Clint grows 100% of what he feeds all of his animals! (we are having our Summer staff party on this ranch in June). Our butcher is in Ft. Collins and he will hang our beef to dry age it for 3 weeks before fabricating it and sending it to us. This 3 week dry age both intensifies the beef flavor and tenderizes the meat as it begins to break down.

Our Pork

Clint also raises Berkshire Hogs, a highly prized heritage breed known for its rich flavor and dark, naturally pink meat. This is the pork we use for our Carnitas and Al Pastor!

Our Chicken

We have gone back to Red Bird Farms Chicken. This is a great Colorado company that started in 1940 and has kept the same commitment listed above for 80 years. It takes Red Bird three times longer to raise a chicken than Foster Farms and its worth it!

Our Produce

A lot of our produce comes from Colorado in the Summer & Fall months but its just not possible in the Winter, however there are some products we get locally year round such as lettuce & cilantro.

Our Dairy

Our dairy is all actually from Meadow Gold in Texas but it’s really high quality stuff.

Our Kombucha

What is Kombucha?

A beverage made by fermenting sweet tea with a culture of yeast & bacteria. Kombucha is known as the “Immortal Health Elixir” by the Chinese since around 2,000 years ago.

Why drink Kombucha?

The fermentation process creates amazing probiotics, enzymes, acids & b- vitamins that are great for: -digestion -immune support -weight loss -reduced joint pain -energy -cancer prevention -detoxification.

Who Makes ours?

Cassie & Tanner Gifford live in Mead and are about to launch this new Kombucha Brewery called Knuckle Puck (named after the famous hockey shot in the movie The Mighty Ducks (Tanner is a hockey player); they brew here in Longmont.

Our Oil

The oil we use in our fryers 100% rapeseed oil (non-hydrogenated, nut free, soy free). The rape seed grows abundantly in Canada and is pressed into a healthful vegetable oil. We keep one of our fryers 100% gluten free and there is never any cross- contamination through cleaning or any other of our processes.

86 Single Use Plastic at Jefes!

Thank you for taking a moment to read this memo, recognize what we’re striving towards and doing your part to help us improve our restaurants and this increasingly devastating world issue.

I’m not going to list the statistics about plastic pollution or post pictures of baby turtles swimming in miles of plastic as I doubt there are many of you that haven’t been exposed to the jaw-dropping facts that are plentiful nowadays. I would simply like to give you the facts of what we are doing about it as of today; invite you to help us continue finding solutions that we may have missed or not yet figured out; and challenge you to find ways to remove & replace single use plastic in your own ways outside of this restaurant.

Here’s the changes we’ve made:

We’ve stopped putting plastic straws in drinks, removed them from the premises, and brought in a more expensive compostable (corn product) straw that can be given to customers UPON REQUEST.

We’ve stopped offering kids cups, lids & straws that though they could be re-used many many times, are most often thrown in the trash and sent to the ocean. We now have compostable (corn product) 12 oz cups, lids & straws that can be given to kids UPON REQUEST, but 99% of child-guests can just use a water glass or full size glass…it’s a lot easier to clean a spill than to clean the ocean.

We’ve removed all plastic utensils (wrapped in plastic) for to-go orders and we have brought in compostable forks and spoons that can be given UPON REQUEST (yes, we’re asking you all to TALK TO your customers a bit more…this not only is the responsible thing to do, I promise that it will also turn into higher tips as you figure out an honest way to speak to guests about what we’re doing).

We’ve removed all plastic ramekins and brought in a compostable option. We will use this for to go orders only, and only where absolutely necessary

  • To-go salads will be drizzled (not tossed) with dressing.
  • To-go steaks will be sauced as normal, not sauce on the side.
  • To-go sauce for fries should be the only thing put in compostable ramekins.

We’ve replaced plastic to-go bags with a paper one that breaks down in less than a month.

We’ve replaced our trash liners with a compostable one that breaks down in less than a month (these will likely be a pain in the ass and trash cans will have to be carried out and dumped or the bags will break…we appreciate you).

We’ve purchased lids for all of our refrigerator pans, so no longer cover the refrigerated prep tops with plastic wrap, rather make sure there are no gaps in the pans and then top with sheet pans. We also have purchased reusable lids for all of our containers that hold food & sauces as to eliminate the need for plastic wrap.


YES, single-use plastic is FAR less expensive than the replacements that we’ve brought in for them AND SO we are trusting all of you to help us use as little as possible by not just throwing them at every customer that MIGHT want them. Exactly the same as the food & beverage products we choose to purchase/serve at our restaurants, we refuse to make profit the highest priority in the decisions we make. It’s a great priority to us to be responsible with what we’ve been entrusted with while we make our laps around the sun; the part of life that happens in these bodies on this planet doesn’t last very long yet in that time we can either do a whole lot of damage or try to do a bit of good…lets shoot for the latter!

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